Monday, February 6, 2012

SharePoint: What is, When I need it, Why I need it

People may have a general idea of what Sharepoint is, but are unable to apply their own business process to it.

Much more than one time I'm come to knowledge of an use of Sharepoint for a solution where it was not necesary use it or, better, use it seems like to use a Ferrari to plow up.

Some months ago a friend of mine said me: I have a trouble in my company. Everyone thinks that Sharepoint is a randomly web application generator where you can tell to him what you want and it does it.

So when I need to use Sharepoint?

  • When you need to store documentations about projects
  • When you need a better place where store your mails
  • When you work a lot on documents with your teams, Sharepoint give you: versioning of file, history, rating, checkin and checkout and more
  • When you want a help ticket solution for your company
  • When you want make blogs for your employees
  • When you want to share documentation with your customers and/or partners
  • When you want create a central calendar for sharing meetings
  • etc etc

Why I need to use Sharepoint?

First of all if your company uses Microsoft’s products like: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Lync
You need to know that all of these products can be linked to Microsoft Sharepoint easily.

Many times the list of employees is registered in AD. If you are a customer with 20.000 of employees in AD is pretty simple give them the access to your Sharepoint.
It’s pretty simple to connect Sharepoint to Exchange, in this way you have a lot of notification by mails and you can use workflow to admin your contents.

I hope that this post can be helpful.

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