Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orchard VS Umbraco

Long time ago I wrote this post in italian to compare three CMSs: Orchard, Kentico, Umbraco
In these days I start a new project with Orchard and one month ago a colleague of mine finished a project with Umbraco.
Today I want write something about Orchard (I will ask to my colleague to give me some feedbacks about Umbraco) 1.4.1. that is the current version and it’s almost stable.
Orchard is a free, open-source CMSs and it is supported by Microsoft. It’s perfect for building small business websites (I use it for these purposes). It has some out-of-box functionalities like users and roles, pages, blogs, tagging, commenting, searching, and others. The feature roadmap is full of cute things that will improve the stability and affidability.
You can add themes, modules, parts, types, new functionalities, widgets, and new part of views, controllers etc.
Orchard CMS uses the most geek open-source technology: ASP.NET MVC, Autofac, DynamicProxy, jQuery, Lucene, NHibernate, Razor, and so on.
The trouble around Orchard is the difficult to understand all the functionalities and the capabilities to extend in a while.
What do you think?

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