Monday, April 2, 2012

Get solutions installed on my SharePoint farm

If you want get the list of your solutions installed on your farm I suggest to use the SharePoint PowerShell command Get-SPSolution.

I show you the example of the command:

PS C:\Users\Administrator>Get-Help Get-SPSolution -examples


Returns a specified SharePoint solution.



This example returns the collection of all installed SharePoint solutions in the farm.

This is the list of mine:

PS C:\Users\Administrator>Get-SPSolution

Name SolutionId Deployed
---- ---------- --------
xxxxxxx.yyyyyy.core.wsp 49ccbeb7-245d-4437-9bcf-1f4d9ebe625d True 224e75b9-a58e-446f-8dd7-2edf7349c5e0 True b56694a2-1cb7-4c90-bcb9-b6e0466df8f6 True
xxxxxxx.yyyyyy.portal.backo... e5030b73-95a3-46f7-b370-b2a2a969de1a True
xxxxxxx.yyyyyy.portal.front... 152712aa-d2d8-46ac-839f-e41fdb8f7230 True
xxxxxxx.yyyyyy.portal.searc... 8134f087-0061-421e-a73f-a13d1b2f4232 True 6a7389a9-007b-404d-8ff0-91812ad2f3d7 True
xxxxxxx.yyyyyy.startup.wsp b9465803-30ec-4d98-96b8-b27210449c18 False

by the use of the where command you can filter the result too.


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